Altered Al Jazeera

This book was originally published in the 1970’s as a catalogue for the Al Jazirah Arabiah contracting company. The firm was leading most of the major contracting projects paving the infrastructure for a modern era in Saudi culture & architecture.

Al-Balad was founded in the 7th century and historically served as the centre of Jeddah. Al-Balad’s defensive walls were torn down in the 1940s. In the 1970s and 1980s, when Jeddah began to become wealthier due to the oil boom, many Jeddawis moved north, away from Al-Balad, as it reminded them of less prosperous times.

As the historical architectural landscape in Al Balad has been deteriorating and destroyed, thus the integrity of this book has been tampered with to create a newfound narrative the artist is portraying.

Imagery altered. Imperfections visible.